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Chakra Balancing

What are the benefits of Chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing creates balance in the body’s energy system which in turn achieves balance throughout the mind and body.

In order to keep our Chakras working at peak efficiency, they need to be working together like a team.

Stress can cause imbalance and manifest itself as physical illness, which itself is often a sign that our Chakras are out of balance.

This session will involve the use of colour, crystals, sound and touch and possibly meditation.

After your Treatment

When our chakras are balanced, we begin to feel better, become more positive, feel more energetic and better health usually follows.

Depending on how one perceives challenges, by having your chakras balanced, you can experience a long-lasting feeling of well-being every day of your life.

This, in turn, will help you to remain calm and develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness to feel good about yourself and everyday life.

You’ll be able to see challenges for what they are, and not become as affected by them.

You may be able to overcome past life experiences, which may have left their mark in your DNA.

You’ll still be able to help others but without their problems affecting your energy.

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Chakra Balancing is £25 per session (30-40 mins depending on the individual)

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