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Hopi Ear Candling

What happens during a Hopi Ear Candling treatment?

The practice of Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, is a safe, pain-free, non-invasive and relaxing method of relieving many pressure-related head problems and for cleaning the ears of excess wax and other matter. It has been practised for countless generations in many cultures.

During the Hopi Ear candling treatment the client lies in a comfortable position, on a couch on one side, with their head supported by a pillow. The tapered end of the hopi ear candle is placed through a barrier shield and then in the client’s outer ear in a horizontal position. The ignited candle is held at all times by the therapist while it is burning down and a gentle warming sensation in the ear and hear a pleasant crackling sound during the process may be felt by the client.

The warm air softens any debris and excess wax in the ear and it is drawn into the base of the hopi ear candle through a chimney effect. The movement of the flame creates a vibration of air that generates a massage-like effect on the eardrum. Administering gentle heat locally stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, lymphatic and immune systems.

Once the Hopi ear candle has burnt down to a marked level it is removed and extinguished. The process is then repeated on the other ear with each Hopi ear candle usually taking between 10 and 20 minutes to burn down, depending on the client’s particular issues. The whole hopi ear candling experience is so wonderfully relaxing and soothing that many people drift off to sleep.

We use tapered candles that are made in Lincolnshire by Reiki practitioners using unbleached calico and pure beeswax. The Hopi ear candles produced with these natural ingredients induce a revitalising but gentle heat around the head and ears, which soften the wax and relieve and relax the client offering real benefits for many problems and conditions associated with ear, nose and throat systems.

Our treatment not only includes the Hopi ear candle treatment itself, but also includes a facial and ear massage. The post-candling massages enhance relaxation, aid lymphatic drainage of the head, face and neck and help unblock the nasal passages.

After your Treatment

Following a treatment some clients feel a little light-headed; so you will be advised to lie quietly for a few minutes.

Most people remark about feeling lighter around their ear and head areas and often comment on how their hearing is enhanced.

Once you are happy to move, you will be offered a glass of water and other post-treatment advice. The candle contents will be examined and if there is a long-standing problem the necessity of further treatments will be discussed.

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Hopi Ear Candling with initial consultation is £30 per session

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