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Please note we are still offering sessions, workshops & courses during Lockdown but these are now remote – generally delivered via Zoom.

Our Laughter Yoga Workshops offer a multitude of benefits for our health and well-being and this can be particularly pertinent within the Corporate sector, especially in the current challenging climate, and these are currently being delivered via Zoom or other methods to suit your needs if appropriate

Stress in the workplace has a highly detrimental effect on many in today’s world with this affecting the bottom-line of many companies through absenteeism, low productivity, staffing issues and the like.
With stress being so high for many at the moment a Laughter Workshop via Zoom could not only reduce stress and relieve some anxiety, but also aid sociability and raise the morale of your staff

Laughter Yoga Workshops offer companies and organisations powerful tools to deal with this.

Using Laughter Yoga Workshops can help improve your business to:

  • Tackle issues arising from stress
  • Boost self-confidence of staff
  • Aid team-building
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase sales and efficiency

We can provide your business with customised programmes to suit your needs, including – a short Laughter Boosting session of say 20-30 mins to raise the energy during a Conference; a Seminar; Team building/ bonding events or a programme of workshops to produce the multitudinous benefits Laughter Yoga can offer your staff and, in turn, your business productivity.

Read our blog to find out more about the benefits and history of Laughter Yoga

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Clients include: Meadowhall – Sheffield, Share the Care – Lincolnshire, Young Carers – Lincs, Cambs County Council, Cambridgeshire Carers Trust, Butlins – Skegness, Dementia Support, Gateway, Headway, Dementia Support, Abundant Health, Various Schools