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Laughter Yoga Coaching

One-to-One Laughter Coaching

This is an 8 week Programme which enables people to learn Laughter Yoga exercises on a one-on-one basis with focus on the individual’s needs.

The programme includes a one-to-one lesson each week  for 8 weeks & is a combination of the lesson, practice sessions at home and daily (through Monday to Friday) 10-minute telephone sessions with your coach.

  • Lesson 1:  Intro & background of Laughter Yoga
  • Lesson 2:  Fake it until you make it
  • Lesson 3:  Motion creates emotion
  • Lesson 4:  Difference between happiness and joy
  • Lesson 5:  You can train yourself to laugh
  • Lesson 6:  Breathing and laughter connection
  • Lesson 7:  Bringing Laughter Yoga into real life
  • Lesson 8:  Evaluation and commitment.

Who could benefit from Laughter Coaching?


  • People unable to access a Laughter Club
  • People who want to add more laughter & joy into their lives
  • People suffering from stress and/or depression
  • People with anger or behavioural issues
  • People who are physically challenged or bedridden
  • People who are introverted and serious
  • People suffering from chronic disease and cancer
  • People who feel they have very little opportunity to laugh
    and other reasons………………….

Difference between coaching and teaching:

In teaching, knowledge and skills are offered for the student to learn, while in Laughter Yoga Coaching the student is individually helped, motivated and inspired not just to learn but to integrate the knowledge & skills into their everyday lives. A commitment and partnership is formed between the coach and ‘student’.  Laughter Yoga is easy to learn and its techniques, learnt through coaching, have the potential to have an amazingly unparalleled impression on people’s whole way of, and outlook on, life.

Coaching is an excellent way to help you learn the techniques of Laughter Yoga, and we will come to you if it suits your circumstances or you can learn in our comfortable therapy room if this is more convenient, both without having to join a Laughter Club. .

Read our blog to find out more about the benefits and history of Laughter Yoga

Laughter One to One Coaching is £50 per session inc phone calls
but 8 weeks booked and paid in advance is £350

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Payment of any of these therapies can be paid in cash on the day of your treatment.