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Reiki 2

Students will need to have completed a Reiki 1 course in order to take Reiki 2.

Reiki 2 is the practitioner level and offers a steeper but highly rewarding learning curve. It provides you with three sacred Reiki symbols that all have their own specific function. These symbols can then be used as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental and emotional healing and to send absentee healing. A large part of the Reiki second degree is associated with the understanding and use of these symbols.

This course, spread over 2 separate days, can just be used for personal spiritual development, which many do; you do not have to become a practising Reiki Practitioner to be able to benefit from this course. However, this course is the springboard to you becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki 2 will provide the necessary training and discipline required for you to operate publicly as a Reiki practitioner if this is your intention.

Students will be required to undertake case studies before gaining their certificate on the second day if all requirements are met. Second Degree Reiki will strengthen your connection to the Reiki Energy and deepen your spiritual connection.

Techniques are taught to enable you to:

Focus the energy on the release of mental and emotional blocks. Focus your mind enabling you to send Reiki energy beyond time and space and bring about effective absentee healing.

The Reiki 2 Course covers the following:

Discussions about experiences with Reiki 1 to establish knowledge and understanding

Reiki 2 Attunement
Reiki 2 symbols – learning to draw and use
Absent healing techniques
Empowering and healing events (past and future)
Hands-on practical session
Other uses of the symbols
Working with crystals
Sensing auras
Sharing Reiki
Practising Reiki Professionally
Questions and Answers.

You’ll be encouraged to give yourself a daily Reiki treatment for 30 days following the completion of the course for the same reasons outlined in Reiki 1.

On completion of the course, you will receive an illustrated Reiki Manual, the Second Degree Reiki Certificate as well as on-going support and advice.

The Reiki 2 course costs £140.00